Free Your Hand and Your Mind Will Follow.

The New FreeOneHand™ iPad® Holder & Stand is the most comfortable way to hold and use your iPad.

The FreeOneHand is a multi-function accessory for the iPad. One-handed use is just the beginning. FreeOneHand works as a holder, stand and easel in all positions, left or right handed, anywhere you can imagine.

FreeOneHand makes using an iPad even better, so you can enjoy your music, photos, books, apps and the web more than ever. See for yourself, free your hand and your mind will follow.

NEW iPad and iPad 2 Holder

  • Compatible with the NEW iPad and iPad 2
  • NEW Super-Thin Retractable Design
  • Great for Work and Travel
  • Compatible with iPad Smart Cover
  • Easy Camera Use
  • Protects Edges
  • Available in 2 Colors:

Original iPad Holder

  • Comfortable One-Handed Grip for the iPad
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Great for Work and Travel
  • Great as an iPad Stand or Easel
  • Great for Presentations
  • Protects Edges
  • Available in 6 Colors: