FreeOneHand™ iPad® Holder & Stand Lets You Comfortably Use Your iPad for Hours at a Time.

The FreeOneHand™ iPad Holder and Stand is the most efficient and comfortable way to hold and use your iPad with one hand. FreeOneHand iPad Holders are ergonomically designed to take strain off hands and wrists, so you can enjoy your iPad longer. FreeOneHand is a multi-featured accessory for iPad that provides benefits whether you are left or right-handed, in any position, anywhere you can imagine.

Comfortable one-handed grip for the iPad
FreeOneHand lets you comfortably hold your iPad in one hand, freeing the other for typing, data entry, sending emails, reading to kids, interacting with magazines, enlarging pictures, surfing the web and so much more. The sure and secure grip frees you from the worry of dropping your iPad.

Ergonomic design
FreeOneHand’s Patent Pending “Power Grip” uses 5 times less energy than a typical “pinch grip” to hold your iPad. FreeOneHand takes the weight and strain of holding a 1.5 pound iPad off your hands and wrists, letting you comfortably enjoy your iPad for hours at a time.

Great as an iPad stand or easel
Free two hands when you use it as an iPad Stand. FreeOneHand grips any surface and works in portrait and landscape orientations, providing a natural typing position.
Perfectly angled for working on documents, playing games, watching movies and sharing the view with family, friends and colleagues.

Elastomer Construction
FreeOneHand iPad accessories are constructed of flexible and resilient elastomers that snugly fit the edges of the iPad. FreeOneHand’s elastomer construction provides an excellent combination of lightweight properties, rigidity to function as a stand, tackiness to protect the iPad from falls by gripping almost any surface, and a rubber-like softness for comfort during use. FreeOneHand materials are extremely durable and 100% guaranteed* for lifetime replacement under normal use.

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100% Replacement Guarantee


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Protection - FreeOneHand protects your iPad from drops and falls by safely and securely holding your iPad in one hand or using it as a stable stand in any position. The "feet" also protect your iPad display from scratches when you set it screen side down. All ports and charging areas are clear for connectivity.

Attractive - FreeOneHand looks great as an easel or stand and blends into the color palette of any office, room or outfit. Available is 6 vibrant colors: Ivory, Silver, Ebony, Lime Green, Sky Blue, Rose Pink.

Comfort - FreeOneHand is the most comfortable way to hold your iPad for extended periods of time. Read books for hours at a time with one hand free for turning pages, having a snack or drink. Go ahead lay down, sit in your favorite chair, take it to the office, on a train, a plane or anywhere you like.

Easy Typing - Typing is much easier using FreeOneHand, whether holding your iPad in one hand or using it as an easel freeing up both hands for traditional typing. No matter landscape or portrait, you will find typing on your iPad more enjoyable.

Great for Presentations - FreeOneHand lets you easily interface with software while making group presentations.

Takes Strain Off Hands & Wrists - FreeOneHand was designed with the help of Hand Surgeons and Ergonomic Specialists to take the weight and strain of holding a 1.5 pound iPad off your hands and wrists.

Multiple Grip Options - Our Ergonomic Specialist recommends two grip options:

  • Power Grip - This is the optimal position for your wrist, neutral to 5 degrees. It places the weight on larger muscles in your hand and wrist. The Power Grip is five times as efficient as holding an iPad in a "pinch grip" or with both hands on the edges.
  • Split-Finger Grip - Places the weight on larger, stronger muscles in your arm and elbow. The Split-Finger Grip is also significantly more efficient than a "pinch grip".

There's No Wrong Way to Hold FreeOneHand - FreeOneHand provides countless grip options to hold your iPad. This allows versatility between left and right hands, and grip positions for hours of effortless use. So hold it any way that feels most comfortable for you.

Lightweight - FreeOneHand weighs only 2.3 ounces (.065 kilograms), so you can take it anywhere your iPad goes.

Durable - Constructed of a flexible elastomer which creates a long lasting and resilient product, that provides enough rigidity to hold a 1.6 pound iPad, while keeping a rubber-like softness for comfort during use.

Made in the USA - FreeOneHand iPad Accessories are designed and made in Philadelphia, PA.

100% Replacement Guarantee - FreeOneHand iPad Holder & Stand guarantees its products for a lifetime against breakage under normal use or defects in workmanship. Simply send back the product with your name, proof of purchase, and a return address and we will send you a replacement product free of charge.